Quarterly 02.22.24

Spring may best be known
By contrast of winter’s dark
We’re glad to be here

In Vermont, the winters are long. We wake up in the dark, and we go to bed in it, too. When the light peeks through, though, it’s with a contrast and a beauty. Thank you, light and dark, for keeping us curious.

Calvin Laituri — Making Brattleboro More Beautiful

Home is where the heart (and art) is. Invariably across time and cultures, we homo sapiens have designed our homes and our communities to make them more meaningful and expressive.

Calvin Laituri, a Solidarity designer and illustrator, lives in Brattleboro, Vermont, a place he has worked hard to make more beautiful. Like many post-industrial towns across the northeastern United States, Brattleboro is home to more than its fair share of blank walls and empty corners. In an effort to heal those places and to make walking around downtown more of a pleasure, Calvin, his buddy Dan Chiaccio, and with the help of the Artlords collaborated on a 230 foot long mural that celebrates the natural landscape of southern Vermont across every season, not just the sunny ones.

Calvin’s aesthetic of blending old-school engraving with new-school illustration has found a home far beyond the walls of Brattleboro, coming to illuminate the packaging of Kodiak with a reimagination of their beloved bear.

Growing Yara

Knowledge Grows is Yara’s Brand Promise, and it’s held closely across the organization. Yara’s mission to responsibly feed the world and protect the planet is made possible by growing knowledge; from ultra low-carbon fertilizers to clean ammonia and digital agronomy, knowledge is the key ingredient.

To strengthen that foundation, we partnered with Yara to evolve their annual Leadership Summit into KX, the Knowledge Exchange.

In close collaboration with Yara and their event partners at Fieldwork, we developed naming, identity, and experiential design. More than a moment, KX is a platform designed to facilitate the sharing of meaningful ideas. From large-scale annual summits that bring together all elements of the Yara ecosystem to more specific regional gatherings, KX provides the tools necessary for Yara to share their ideas and grow a nature-positive food future for all.

Nike Women United

Our collaborations with Nike aspired to move beyond taglines and tokenism to empower women and girls; from bringing passionate young fans together with the Olympic athletes who inspire them to helping launch their women-centered training series and an homage to their “Just Do It” idea, we helped Nike on their journey to reshape how they engaged with half of their audience. 

Training True: Among the first of its kind, Training True was a women-centered training shoe series advanced by the announcement of Diamond-flex technology. 

It Will Carry Us: In harmony with the idea of “Just Do It,” It Will Carry Us was an internal, strategic counterbalance to Nike’s classic motto that brought an energy of We vs. Me by centering collaboration and teamwork over individualism. Our collaboration and creative expression influenced print, video, and online retail applications all with notable impact.  

Sister One: Too often the heroes we love feel entirely out of reach. This is doubly true with regard to the female athletes that already receive far less recognition than they deserve. Sister One brought female Olympic heroes together with the girls that look up to them. Soliciting heartfelt letters from across the country, we interviewed passionate young women about their chosen sport and connected them with relevant limited edition products, including a custom bag and bespoke Nike training shoes made using material from the actual athletic jersey of their chosen athletes. All of this came together to create a deep connection between Olympians and the fans inspired by them.

‘Til Next Time

Work is made to be shared; it’s part of the process. Whether you’re a photographer making prints in the dark room or a designer making a newsletter with all of your friends, it’s the last bit, putting it all together, that really makes it sing.

We hope you enjoyed looking at this as much as we did making it.

Stay warm, stay cool.