Living Brand®

Living Brand®

Brands are living things. They grow. Adapt. Evolve.
To flourish, they need to be nurtured.

We use strategic design to cultivate differentiation, promote cultural relevance, and produce value, growing meaningful ideas by design.

Our Intention

Cultivate curiosity

Simplify to amplify awareness

Increase multidisciplinary interaction

Deepen community engagement

Improve cultural relevance

Grow social and stakeholder value

Our Process

Nurturing a Living Brand is a collaborative process by which unique perspectives cross pollinate to create new, differentiating ideas. Our process unfolds like this:


We learn everything we possibly can about an organization’s business, culture, competitors, and context, inside and out.

Brand Trust Session

We delve deeper by designing and facilitating a custom, cross-disciplinary brand exploration workshop.

Living Brand Platform

We take all the insight gained and work done to date and distill it into a clear, actionable expression of what the organization does (and does uniquely), its purpose, and its personality.

Design & Creative Development

We create and refine an identity, unifying design program, and creative communication platform to bring the brand’s strategic intentions to life.

Brand Cultivation

We help give form to the new brand strategy and design through the creation of assets such as a website, brand video, brand book, and communications.


We foster ongoing collaboration to enhance brand regeneration.