Feeding Epic Days and Wilder Lives

Kodiak is a brand that believes in the power of a good, whole grain breakfast to power epic days and feed wilder lives. As they expanded across the country, growing rapidly, it was time for Kodiak to evolve from a local favorite, to a national staple. We helped Kodiak discover their new approach to brand strategy, design, and messaging, and collaborated with Lafayette American to produce video and social media content.
Bowl of oatmeal, strawberries and blueberries, with text on left saying "Oats loaded with important vitamins, minerals, & antioxidant plant compounds" and text on the right saying "31 grams of carbs, 12 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber, in a single packet"
Bear head illustration superimposed on guy playing pingpong at a campsite - with text to the right saying "A meal packed with protein provides essential amino acids that help your brain function at an optimal level"
Families eating Kodiak cakes and going for hikes with text "Wild what you & a better breakfast can do" and a graphic arrow pointing to a Kodiak product box
Social media posts
Walking bear illustration
Standing bear illustration
Sitting and waving bear illustration
Bear looking forward illustration
Bear head roaring illustration
Bear looking to the right with mouth open illustration

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Brand Strategy & Design
Creative Platform Design
Strategic Communication & Key Messaging
Advertising Campaign Concept & Design
Experiential Design
Motion Graphics Design
Video Concept & Direction