Town Square

Interactive Event & Communal Art Piece

We’re technically more connected than ever before in human history …
so why is it that we often feel so disconnected?

On April 29th at 6pm Solidarity of Unbridled Labour will be hosting Town Square: equal parts presentation, collaborative activity, & opportunity to build community with our neighbors.

Meet us at the Karma Birdhouse Gallery to take part in this interactive discussion.

We may gather as strangers, but emerge as something friendlier.


A collaborative activity wherein people convene and learn about their neighbor’s passions, histories, and obsessions. Resulting in a collectively created artwork.


Anyone and everyone.


April 29th, from 6-8pm.


Karma Birdhouse Gallery
47 Maple St,
Burlington, VT 05401


According to the American Psychiatric Association’s latest monthly poll, 1 in 3 Americans said they felt lonely at least once a week over the past year*.

Americans ranked the top three areas where they felt the highest sense of community and belonging as among their family (65%), among their friends (53%), and in their neighborhoods (20%).

Our goal is to provide a place for neighbors to convene, meet, and re-connect – just like a traditional town square, a central meeting place where citizens could gather and socialize.

Bring along a small item that represents something that uniquely inspires joy for you. Perhaps a thing you would have brought to show-and-tell at school when you were young.

Community looks different now. Let’s work together towards figuring out what that means for us all.

*Read the study here. It’s important to note that research found those under 34, people of color, people with lower income levels, and people with mental or physical health issues were more likely to be lonely.

Reserve Your Spot

Sign up here. First come first serve. Event will be capped at 40.

What Kind of Object Should I Bring?

Trinkets and Collectibles.

Tchotchkes and Knicknacks.

Doodads and Hoosey-whatsits.

In order to attend, we ask you to bring an item that represents something that brings joy to your life or represents you in some way. It will be the focus of discussion. The item you bring will stay with you for the duration of the evening, and you will return home with it. It will be photographed as part of the collaborative artwork. 

Size-wise, one should reasonably be able to carry it in hand. Though please be considerate and avoid things that are high in monetary or sentimental value, irreplaceable, fragile, or illegal. This is intended to be a fun evening and we don’t want anyone to have a bad time. We won’t be held responsible for any misplaced, misappropriated, or misused items.

See graphic below for demonstrations.


Gathering and mingling begins at 6pm and light refreshments will be available. At 6:30, discussion will begin with a brief introduction by Michael Jager of Solidarity of Unbridled Labour, followed by a short presentation by Amelia Dodds and Calvin Laituri (designers at Solidarity of Unbridled Labour) concerning the topic of the Town Square: once the heart of nearly every collective society across epochs; a gathering place, the definition of community, a common denominator.

Over the course of the evening, attendees will work together to create a collaborative art piece. A series of short guided discussions will inform the components that ultimately construct this piece. We will determine the qualities that connect our threads.

The event will conclude with a reflective discussion of the experience, wrapping up around 8pm. Attendees will ideally be able to join for the entirety of the evening, in order to best create this collective artwork. 

The artwork will remain on public display in the gallery until May 4th.

Your Hosts

Amelia Dodds, Graphic Designer (top left)

Calvin Laituri, Graphic Designer (top right)

Michael Jager, Founder, Strategy & Creative (bottom left)

Jonathan Mikulak, Creative Director (bottom right)

See you there.