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Vermont Public Radio (VPR) and Vermont PBS merged to become Vermont’s unified public media organization with the goal of using their strengthened resources to make public media in Vermont a more welcoming and inclusive place, especially for people who believe the space is not for them. This merger necessitated a new name and brand identity that would reflect the organization’s new mission and vision as well as their more expansive reach, allowing them to share stories from every corner.
Vermont Public logo on green background
Vermont Public logo on various colored backgrounds
case study marketing material
Hoodie with Vermont Public state shape graphic
Vermont Public website homepage mockup depicted on laptop screen
Vermont Public print ads with the headline "What's in a name?"
Mockup of Vermont Public branded sprinter van
Mockup of Vermont Public social media ad on Instagram
Three shapes of the state of Vermont with the portrait of an individual in each

We collaborated with the new public media company to engage in research with the public, staff, and board of directors to better understand the needs, perceptions, opportunities, and challenges for public media, culturally and in Vermont. This input informed the development of their new name (Vermont Public), as well as their tagline, tone of voice, and design program, all of which come together to pay homage to the organization’s past while signaling a new mission for the future.

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