Vermont Land Trust

Advancing The Connection Between Land And Lives

Since 1977, the Vermont Land Trust has protected more than 600,000 acres with important ecological and economic value, and stewarded over 2,200 conserved properties. In the face of rapid and profound land, resource, and demographic changes, VLT recognized an opportunity to expand the accessibility and resonance of their work. To further that effort, they came to us to advance their brand strategy, identity, creative, and messaging.
Vermont Land Trust logo in four colored squares
Illustrated icons of people
Illustrated icon of trees
Illustrated icon of waves
Illustrated icon of farm fields
Mockup of Vermont Land Trust donor publication
Mockup of Vermont Land Trust donor publication on blue background
Ad of a silhouetted person riding a bike. Headline reads "Nourishing curious minds"
Ad of a farm field and the sun shining. Headline reads "158,000 acres of open farmland conserved"
Ad of a mother and child walking in the woods. Headline reads "Protecting Vermont's forests since 1997"
Ad of a goat in a barn. Headline reads "Uniting land and lives, for all and always"

The Vermont Land Trust’s work is centered on the act of moving beyond conservation to activation. It’s about working farms and forests, fostering the success of new farmers, stewarding land so that it remains vital and active, and inviting all to enjoy the landscape we share.

We worked with Vermont Land Trust to craft strategy and to develop a tone of voice and design program that capture this commitment. To achieve this, the brand voice took on a style that was rooted, thoughtful, and trustworthy. Similarly, the identity system and design language we created with them is guided and inspired by the human-nature relationship, a contemporary interpretation of the inextricable connection between land and lives.

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