Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC)

Electrifying an Important Mission

VEIC was founded in 1986 with the goal of reducing the economic and environmental costs of energy use and has since grown to promote energy efficiency and create renewable energy programs across not only Vermont, but the world. VEIC had the desire to elevate their profile and clarify their critical mission. Working closely with their team, we developed a new strategic brand, logo, and creative platform, updated and improved their brand architecture, reimagined their workspace, and implemented a plan to engage key audiences and stakeholders with the new systems.
VEIC logo on yellow background
Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, Yellow on Black Background
VEIC posters lined up on grey background
VEIC Web Design on iPad
VEIC Web Design on iPad
VEIC Web Design on iPad
VEIC Stationary arrangement

Brand Design Strategy
Creative Platform Design
Brand & Product Architecture