Man wearing Patagonia shorts in front of a body of water
Man wearing Patagonia shorts in front of a body of water


But Why? Curiosity Changes Everything.

Patagonia is a brand we’ve drawn inspiration from for decades; their ironclad commitment to what’s right and not what’s easy is a philosophy we’ve worked hard to bring forward with every client and project. Given that immense respect, when we had the opportunity to work with them to clarify their messaging and the why of their ethos, it started a decades long collaboration centered on give and take. They inspire us, we inspire them, and the circle of passion ripples out from there, affecting everything for both of us.
Headline "But Why?"
Magazine spread. Left page shows person rock climbing. Right page shows image of rock climber's feet with a headline that reads "Who wears the pants?"
Catalogue spread showing purple backpack and photo of tall mountains. Headline reads "Why settle for more?"
Image of rock climber with headline that reads "Who wears the pants?"
Image of man wearing poncho and shorts and floating in air holding an umbrella. Headline reads "What's in your baggies?"
Screenshot of Patagonia's website homepage with a banner image of a man mountain biking next to a glacial lake. Headline reads "What's the short answer?"
Display ad showing a man on a bike in high mountains, two pairs of shorts, and the headline "What's the short answer?"
Display ad showing a purple backpack and the headline "Why settle for more?"
Screenshot of Patagonia website homepage. Man in river bed using a chain saw to cut a log. Headline reads "Can heavy duty be lighter weight?"
Boy wearing Patagonia shorts has mud on his face. Another image depicts a group of people wearing Patagonia shorts and covered in mud and holding oars. Headline reads "Where have your baggies been?"
Social media ad depicted across four iPhones. Headline reads "Can heavy duty be lighter weight?"
Series of illustrated posters. One shows an overturned lawn chair. One shows the globe being held by multiple hands like a puppet. One shows a woman with long purple hair surfing.
Poster series. One depicts an illustrated Elephant in a purple box on a yellow background. The other poster depicts a large squiggled circle with the word "want" in the middle of it.

As Patagonia made the important decision to make the switch to organic cotton, recycled polyester, and nano air, we had the opportunity to collaborate closely with them to advance their design platform, strategy, and aesthetic with evolved typography, color, and deliverables to create a unified message across all product categories. The unifying insight was found in Yvon’s fearless questioning of everything. The goal? To more clearly articulate the why of their choice to put the planet first in a way that’s relevant to each unique circle they are part of.

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Strategic Communication & Key Messaging
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