What’s Your Impossible?

Founded in 2003 as Logic Supply – a business-to-business computer components provider – the company quickly grew to become a premier creator of custom industrial computing solutions designed to solve the world’s most complex technology challenges. This global growth in scale, quality, and service was not reflected in the existing name or identity, so we partnered with Logic Supply to evolve the brand based on the foundation of a new name: OnLogic. We designed a new logo, creative platform, and strategic communication and key messaging platform to bring everything together.
Onlogic logo
Interlocking cubes animation on gray background
Interlocked cubes logo
Interlocked cubes logo with animated background
"Listen OnLogic" text in logo over landscape photo
"Clean Energy OnLogic" over image
Animated cycle
Animated quotes with text "Logistics Run Smoothly OnLogic"
Stationery design
Onlogic Lobby
OnLogic logo and text on building exterior

Brand Immersion & Research
Brand Strategy & Design
Logo & Identity Program Design
Creative Platform Design
Advertising Campaign Concept & Design
Experiential Design
Motion Graphics Design