Logo Evolution that Works

Founded in Steamboat Springs, Colorado in 1994, Smartwool has been keeping outdoor enthusiasts comfortable in apparel crafted with their key material, Merino wool, for decades. Although Smartwool’s original wordmark and its friend, “the little guy,” were charming, they presented legibility and production issues. We worked with Smartwool to redesign their logo, retaining its friendly nature while making it functional, clean, outdoor, contemporary, and timeless. We collaborated with the product team to develop a design system that would work across the entire product line.
Character black
Character grid
Character gray
Block pattern
Block pattern
Swatch pattern
mosaic side view
mosaic front view
Logo with sub-head
White logo
Black logo
packaging design
Text on large banner
Business card set
Smartwool type guidelines
Smartwool type and character guidelines
Smartwool character guidelines
Smartwool asset guidelines

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