Lark Spot

A Healthy Design Transformation

Born of the Larkspur restaurant in Vail, Colorado, Larkburger rapidly became a popular chain in the Denver area by merging fast casual and fine dining. Over the years, the culinary scene had begun to catch up with Larkburger’s style and sustainable approach, but Larkburger never stopped evolving beyond their competitors. To help them express their difference, we collaborated to refresh their name, strategy, design platform, and environmental design approach to better reflect their commitment to serving quality food and cultivating community.
Illustrated mountain biker with tomato wheel GIF
Illustrated car climbing burger bun GIF
Illustrated person paddling in a pickle GIF
Illustrated skater riding a french fry GIF
Burger menu
Salad menu
Dessert and drinks menu
Lark Spot typography
Lark Spot brand message
Lark Spot t-shirts
Burger build design and apron application
Lark Spot food truck design
Black and white mountain landscape mural
Person sitting at table next to book shelf
Two people at table looking at laptop
Lark Spot interior
Three people sitting at a table eating

Brand Strategy & Design
Logo & Identity Program Design
Strategic Communication & Key Messaging
Experiential Design
Motion Graphics Design
Video Concept & Direction