Kestrel Coffee Roasters

Where Dreams and Design Meet

Kestrel Coffee Roasters exists because Charlotte and Johnny Steverson chose Vermont to realize their dream of opening a coffee shop and roasting business. They chose Solidarity to work alongside them to craft their identity, and now share a building in The Karma Bird House.
Kestrel Coffee Roasters logo
Kestrel coffee bags
Kestrel coffee bags
Kestrel Coffee Roasters travel mugs in orange, turquoise, and black
Kestrel Coffee Roasters cups and sleeves
Kestrel Coffee Roasters window and person enjoying coffee to-go next to their bike
Barista pouring milk into hot beverage
Three Kestrel business cards displayed next to prepared coffee drink
Kestrel interior

Shortly after founders Charlotte and Johnny Steverson moved to Vermont we connected with them to collaborate on a name, logo, and design platform that would be carried forward into a world-class third wave coffee brand. From cup-stamps to coffee bags, tee shirts and posters, the Kestrel look and feel lent to the success of their first location in South Burlington. Expanding from there, we got along so well that when they opened their second shop it was in our shared building, the Karma Bird House.

Logo & Identity Program Design
Packaging Design