Higher Ground

Higher Ground: Selected Limited Edition Gig Posters

Higher Ground has been the beating heart of the Vermont music scene for more than twenty five years. Early on in their ascension, a collaboration was started between Higher Ground, JDK Design, and JDK’s associated print collective: Iskra. For select shows, designers from JDK, now Solidarity of Unbridled Labour, designed and printed silkscreen posters to be given away at the end of each concert. Posters have been large, small, printed with foil, sewn, laser engraved, folded, destroyed, and cherished.
Norah Jones Poster
Norah Jones poster closeup
Photo of screen printing press
Photo of stack of Bob Dylan posters
Three bob dylan posters
Wu-Tang Clan poster on white paper
Wu-Tang Clan Poster on craft paper

Henry Rollins poster
Close up photo of Henry Rollins poster
Close up photo of Henry Rollins Poster
Busta Rhymes poster
Busta Rhymes poster glowing in the dark
Two Morrisey posters
Morrisey posters on drying rack
Close up shot of Morrisey poster
Brian wilson poster
Gwar poster
gwar poster
gwar poster
gwar poster
gwar poster
gray clark jr poster
kevin smith poster
plate of toast
single piece of toast
Fleet Foxes poster
Kamasi Washington poster
Rainbow Kitten Surprise poster
Milk Carton Kids poster
Big Thief poster
Twin Peaks poster
PUP poster
Caroline Rose poster

Norah Jones, design by Ellen Voorheis
Bob Dylan, design by Michael Jager
Wu-Tang Clan, design by Chris Partelow
Henry Rollins, design by Michael Jager & Brad Cameron
Busta Rhymes, design by Erik Petersen
Morrisey, design by John Siddle
Brian Wilson, design by Byron O’Neill
Gwar, design by Chris Partelow
Gary Clark Jr., design by Byron O’Neill
Kevin Smith, design my Mickey Laviolette