Hettas web work
Hettas web work


Moving Women Forward, Safely and Swiftly

Hettas is an innovative performance footwear company seeking to propel women’s athletic footwear forward through deep, scientific analysis and elevated design. To get the Hettas team started off on the right foot in a complex market, we worked with them to bring clarity to their positioning strategy, develop key messaging, and create a design system to inform product design, brand communications, a new wordmark, and product packaging.
Hettas logo circular container and image of runners in a circle with their hands placed in the center
Hettas website designs with runner tying shoes and "Hettas runs research to discover what moves you" text
Hettas website designs with "Research meets Revolution" text
Hettas logo with "Science, technology and female-first, by design" copy
Hettas print designs with "Science + Spirit" text
Hettas packaging design
Hettas packaging design
Hettas running jacket

Brand Design Strategy
Logo & Identity Program Design
Creative Platform Design
Strategic Communication & Key Messaging
Packaging Design