Hettas web work
Hettas web work


Moving Women Forward, Safely and Swiftly

Hettas is an innovative new performance footwear company seeking to propel women’s athletic footwear forward through deep analysis and elevated design. We worked with Hettas to bring clarity to its strategy and to develop key messaging and a design system.
Hettas logo circular container and image of runners in a circle with their hands placed in the center
Hettas logo pattern on product and office wall with "Grit, meet Grace" text
Hettas website designs with runner tying shoes and "Hettas runs research to discover what moves you" text
Hettas website designs
Hettas website designs with "Research meets Revolution" text
Hettas logo with "Science, technology and female-first, by design" copy
Hettas mobile website design
Hettas print designs with "Science + Spirit" text
Hettas packaging design
Hettas packaging design
Hettas running jacket
Hettas graphics on product
Hettas print material with woman running and "Hettas is here to propel women who run [the world] full-on to the future." text

Women’s footwear has long been designed based on what works best for a man’s body. Hettas saw a need to rethink this approach and focus on researching women’s unique biomechanics to create new standards and shoes that move women forward safely and swiftly.

We worked closely with Hettas to help them clearly position and differentiate themselves in a complex footwear market by creating a strategic foundation used to inform product design, brand communication, and a new wordmark that functions as a harmonious collection of colors. Building on this, we crafted key messaging and a visual identity system that work together to build a bold, energized brand that stays unique and relevant.

Brand Design Strategy
Logo & Identity Program Design
Creative Platform Design
Strategic Communication & Key Messaging
Packaging Design