GU logo animation


A Category Originator Energized by Design

GU Energy Labs creates high-performance sports nutrition products. Founded in 1994, they were the first major producer of energy gels. As the market filled out with imitators, GU collaborated with us to help them elevate and differentiate their logo, design system, packaging, video communications, and event design to help set them apart.
GU Hydration Drink Tabs on blue background
GU Energy Gel on orange-red background
GU Energy Chews on orange-yellow background
White "Hydration" text in all caps on blue background
White "Energy" text in all caps on orange-red background
White "Recovery" text on orange background
White "GU For It" text in all caps on orange-red background
GU packaging lineup on cream background
GU packaged products
GU Hydration Drink Mix boxes
GU Big graphic text over photo featuring climber
GU BCAA Capsules Ad
GU Drink Mix Ad
"GU Further" text over mountain landscape image
Three GU ads featuring people being active outdoors and "Gu To The Limit," "Gu Big," and "Gu Happy" graphic text

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