Earthkeep Farmcommon

Regenerating Our Farming Future

Our farming future, in Vermont and nationally, is increasingly threatened by unsustainable economic models, scale challenges, commodification of products, and the relentless temptation of real estate development. With the acquisition of a historic farm in the heart of Vermont, Earthkeep Farmcommon seeks to address these issues by creating an economically and environmentally viable farm model that diversifies the crops and products that a farm can produce while also incorporating best practices in regenerative agriculture.
Quote by Wendell Berry over a green block on a decorative, floral background
image of man watering greenhouse garden
Image of field in a circle with "Regenerative is the future text" and an image of soil as the background
image of brewing barrels with "Earthkeep Farmers Collective" text
image of a farmers market with "Farmers Market Now Open!" text and an image of tomatoes as the background
image of woman gardening with "It All Begins With an Idea" text

Earthkeep Farmcommon seeks to advance a diversified, regenerative, economically sustainable future for farming in Vermont and beyond. We worked with Earthkeep to name the farm and its sub-entities, bring clarity to its strategy, and then to create both key messaging and design systems to grow the idea and impact.

In collaboration with Earthkeep’s founding team, we clarified the intention and key tenets of the farm and its for- and non-profit entities, named the farm, created an identity and visual system for communications, created key messaging, and applied this work to investor, signage, and video communications.

Brand Immersion & Research
Brand Strategy & Design
Logo & Identity Program Design
Creative Platform Design
Strategic Communication & Key Messaging
Motion Graphics Design