Dynapower header image
Dynapower header image


The More Vexing The Better!

For more than 50 years, Dynapower was known for its unparalleled expertise, reliability, and bespoke approach to power conversion systems. Underlying that success was the ability to create deep relationships with their partners, a culture that thrives on challenge (the more vexing, the better), and a commitment to bespoke solutions, when needed. With the advent of green energy, Dynapower increasingly found themselves applying all of their legacy strengths to the advancement of energy storage solutions. We collaborated with Dynapower to help them clearly define their differentiated position, create an optimistic, open identity, and pair it with bold typography, a modern palette, and imagery. The system sets its sights squarely on green energy; showcases the expertise, integrity, and character of the internal team; and, most importantly, differentiates Dynapower in the clean energy space.
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