The Cleanest Loop!

TOMRA has advanced how we recycle with their cutting-edge reverse vending machines. To raise awareness about container redemption and why it matters, we worked with TOMRA to create two educational animations explaining the why behind container redemption and how TOMRA’s Cleanest Loop recycling program and ReAct app make it easier and more rewarding for everybody. We commissioned and collaborated with Polyester Studio in Vancouver to develop the characters and animation as we developed the video concept, direction, and script. The two videos tell a cohesive, inspiring story together while remaining compelling and informative on their own for maximum flexibility.
Illustrative infographic
Wall design
Wall design
tunnel gif
Pink wall featuring woman with plastic bottle and "Thanks for recycling" text
Tomra graphic elements shown on a large office wall
Clean Loop infographic
Clean Loop ads
Clean Loop infinity gif
Spiral gif
Text surrounding water bottles

Brand Immersion & Research
Brand Design Strategy
Logo & Identity Program Design
Creative Platform Design
Strategic Communication & Key Messaging
Video Concept & Direction