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Acquia is the open source digital experience originator. They provide the world’s most ambitious brands with digital/online technology that gives them the freedom to embrace innovation and create customer moments that matter.
Acquia wordmark animation
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Flow Graphic
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wordmark animation with flow graphic
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Web example
Mobile Platform example
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Print ad demonstration
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Acquia digital display
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Acquia creates personalized digital experiences at scale. Reaching beyond their origins with the creation of Drupal, and expanding past their open-source heritage, Acquia is a platform for organizations to unite their content, data, and analytics activities in a single and singularly meaningful digital universe.

We worked closely with the Acquia team to create an identity system evolution, new strategic messaging, and creative executions that would align the brand with their bold vision for our digital future.

Brand Immersion & Research
Brand Strategy & Design
Logo & Identity Program Design
Creative Platform Design
Strategic Communication & Key Messaging
Motion Graphics Design