We are a collaborative team of designers, strategists, organizers, and cultivators of ideas with a passion for helping meaningful ideas grow in the world, by design.


Solidarity of Unbridled Labour is a founding and active member of the Karma Bird House, a community of creative and capable people working together in a conserved 1860 warehouse on the shores of Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont.


We’re all here to advance art and design, meaningful action and the business of building a better world through head stretching experiences, gallery shows and community events.


Over countless cups of really good coffee.
With lots of dogs. And bikes.


Iskra Print Collective is a non-profit printmaking studio-within-a-studio we created to give our designers an outlet for hands-on creating. More than just a print shop, Iskra involves our larger community in education, exploration, and expression.

Come in sometime and get your hands dirty with us.