Alchemy and Science ride again. This time with a new brewery in Wynwood, Miami. They approached us with a logo but no overall brand look and feel. We created something that fits into—but doesn’t mimic—the amazingly diverse Wynwood street art scene. Inspiration was found in the colorfully hand-painted signs of the many hole-in-the-wall, local food establishments. We didn’t design their website but if you’re in Miami you can find them here.

The line-up The line-up
Concrete Common Ale detail Concrete Common Ale detail
Tropic of Passion detail Tropic of Passion detail
Rica detail Rica detail
Stiltsville detail Stiltsville detail
Concrete Common 6-pack Concrete Common 6-pack
Rica 6-pack Rica 6-pack
Stiltsville 6-pack Stiltsville 6-pack