The Good Human Party!

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Earth Day welcomed the formation of a new party—
The Good Human Party!

Together with a cadre of passionate and motivated friends and committed climate change believers an action for activist took place.

Solidarity of Unbridled Labour, Alder Studio, Iskra Print Collective, 1% for The Planet, One Hearth, members of and committed community volunteers gathered to help people who want to participate in Climate Justice actions.

Everyone gathered at The Karma Birdhouse to engage in a series of workshops, art making, and educational connections all based on preparation for the People’s Climate March in Washington, DC and others ahead.

Thank you to everyone who joined us and shared your time, trust and conviction for positive cultural change!
Thank you Dan Cardon for capturing the event.

A Matter of Life and Earth!

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The first annual Give Back Gathering and the passionate 1% For The Planet community all came together in Boulder, Colorado to share stories, ideas, and positive activist insights to take on the Climate Crisis and the justice it demands!

This gathering of 150 people was held in the E-town space in downtown Boulder. Nick Forster (the E-town founder), the space, and his team were amazing and engaged every moment. Check out what they are doing, and who they are here.

Solidarity of Unbridled Labour, now a member of 1% For The Planet, helped design the experience in collaboration with the 1% For The Planet team. We created and facilitated a workshop designed to generate concepts to communicate the 1% For The Planet idea to the world.

Check out their great work, and how you can get involved with 1% For The Planet here.

Thank you Ryan Cutler for the great group photo!


Signal Series: Sound + Vision

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Getting lost in a dreamland of mesmerizing visuals, and sound —
Koen Holtkamp shared a unique soundscape and a visual synchronization of laser projected floating rhythmic dream geometry. A brilliant use of sonic and optic technologies had the audience transfixed.

The 4th installment of the Signals series was curated by Greg Davis, and brought to the neighborhood by the heroes at Soundtoys.

The Co-Working Continuum

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As the creative economy continues to emerge and evolve – co-working places and spaces are the platforms that support the cultural connection points.
This is a solid article on what’s happening in Vermont- and our design role in it noting our collaboration and creation of the Karma Birdhouse. Check it out!



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How was your week?
Every Sunday for the past 6 weeks, 2 of our designers,
Ellen and Ashley have asked themselves that same question.
They have gotten together and made simple and silly stop-motion animations under the title
“This Week Was”, drawing influence from what happened in the preceding week.

Be sure to check out their weekly experiments on Instagram!


Pix Box 3000

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Having Fun + Creating Playable Art!
Pete and Ben from PinBox 3000 recently collaborated with the Karma Birdhouse Gallery to create ArtCade, a unique playable art exhibit. These gentlemen from Cardboard Teck Institute created the PinBox 3000 Cardboard Art-Cade and we at Solidarity were lucky enough to have the opportunity to put our art on these Pinboxes.
The fun process of exploring and experimenting on something other than a piece of paper or canvas was insightful, fun and at times challenging! A big thank you to Pete and Ben for letting us in on the fun!

If it’s broke, fix it.

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Sweet Vincent Stanley,
Inspiring faith in humanity.



Vermont received a genuinely inspiring gift last week, Vincent Stanley and the Patagonia Worn Wear Tour came to Burlington.

And with it incredible insights and lessons were shared on climate and social justice.

Vincent- Patagonia’s Director of Philosophy and Head Storyteller delivered a deeply thoughtful talk at UVM with sobering climate statistics and equally inspiring activist action stories of change.

Thank you Vincent and Patagonia for such a mindful event.

We’ve continue to stay inspired, and learn how to make a difference by taking notes from The Responsible Company.


Solid Spectrum Sleep Out

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Empathy is energy.
Apathy the enemy.
Community is everything.

The 6th annual Spectrum Sleep Out brought together 150 passionate people committed to sleeping-out on a cold Vermont winter night- in solidarity and support of at risk homeless teenagers.

Together companies and individuals raised over $336,000! With 98% of those funds going directly to those who need it most. Thank you to Scott and the Spectrum team for an amazingly run event and inspiring experience!

Team Solidarity was there braving the cold together! With Liz Adams inspiring the cause- Sleeping out for her 5th year in a row! Together we raised $6,996!