Iggy Pop

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Sharing Stories with Michael Jager
The Party album tour- Iggy Pop hit Montreal on a cold and stormy winter night. He played the Beer Garden and came on stage at 11:30. He was bloody by the end of the first song-

Lucky to be invited to the after party- as a young artist and fan I brought this illustration I had done. When I shyly asked Iggy if he’d sign it- he without hesitation scrawled in red marker dead center on the art ‘IGGY POP WILL NEVER STOP’ and said “Now it’s an original Iggy Pop!”

Raw Power to the core.


Oath of Action

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We at Solidarity are taking an #OathOfAction!
After much thought we collectively decided to reduce the amount of consumables we use everyday. We are committed to support the environment this coming year with our friends at 1% For the Planet.

Find out more about the #OathOfAction and 1% For the Planet.

Brilliance In Our Pockets

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Profoundly powerful.

This piece of video’s cultural communication is an inspiring example of, not only the power of an idea, but the genius use of the new world media we carry with us – able to impact our emotions and educate toward positive cultural change.

Thank you Sandy Hook Promise and BBDO New York.



Salt From The Earth

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Art that not only engages you, but actually consumes you in its creation. 

This defined the “Salt From The Earth” experience shared Sunday, October 2nd, in the railyard salt warehouse on the Burlington waterfront.

The event began at the Karma Bird House Gallery where about 150 people gathered. Everyone was then guided to the salt space – walking through the railyard to an astounding experience that uniquely brought together sight, sound, motion, and concept, engaging every sense and soul.

An incredibly powerful experience. The group returned to the KBH gallery, where the wonder continued with the discourse flowing into the night.

Thank you and congratulations to Erika Senft Miller, Craig Winslow, Miles Dean, and their incredibly gifted troop of creators. Well done!





Creativity, Community, and Cause Come Together!

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The sound and vision of cultural connection in harmony was alive and pulsing at Signal Kitchen with Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars taking the stage and bringing together the King Street community kids and their families.

The evening marked the result of a beautiful collaborative experience by the King Street Center, Signal Kitchen, Solidarity of Unbridled Labour, Iskra Print Collective, and Dealer.com.

All designed to engage the kids in the experience as they learn how to create, produce, market, and promote a live community event. And in the process, share with the kids a look inside a new world of possibilities.

Congratulations to everyone involved and thank you Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars for your amazing sounds and support.