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Account Director


Account Director is the critical and collaborative link between our design teams and client, facilitating the flow of information and ensuring that project brief, budget, and schedule align with objectives and enable us to meet our own standards of creative quality. Attention to detail is key, along with excellent customer-service, communication, and organizational skills.

Essential Functions

Collaborates with all internal and external clients and teams, providing strategic guidance and viable solutions to meet project expectations.

Prepares for each project by conducting research on the client, industry, relevant trends, target market, or other factors that shape the direction or approach project. Works with client to write design brief that demonstrates an intimate understanding of the client’s brand and project expectations.

Participates in the brand strategy discussions and collaborates with and provides an informed point of view to the creative team to ensure strategic objectives are met.

Negotiates and builds retainers, project estimates, and work schedules. Ensures that these realistically reflect the scope of the job, taking into account data from previous jobs. Establishes and communicates all job-related budgets to internal resources; tracks and manages budgets as each job proceeds. Ensures that all client billing information is provided to finance in a timely manner. Ensures all information in project management tool is up to date and accurate.

Optimize project budgets, timelines and resources by collaborating with the Creative Resources | Art Buying to identify internal and external resource availability and cost effectiveness. Develop and maintain relationships with Clients, Freelancers and other Vendors, while ensuring the involvement of appropriate internal team members.

Keeps Creative Director | Principal and Managing Director informed on overall health and potential of client relationship and involves them when critical relationship decisions need to be made.

Coordinate and prepare for client visits and presentations

Actively participates in the studio to improve polices and procedures to enhance the effectiveness of the studio’s operation and client services.

Performs other responsibilities as assigned or required.


Communication Proficiency|All Forms.

Good Listening Skills.

Basic Math/Negotiating Skills.

Excellent Customer Service and Response Time to Internal and External Inquires.

Ethical Business Conduct.

Personal Effectiveness/Credibility.

Problem Solving/Analysis.

Strategic Thinking.

Leadership/Empathy/Team-Centered Cooperative Philosophy.

  • Manages the day-to-day engagement of clients and team members.
  • Participates and helps develop research into strategic project objectives.
  • Communicates detail across team members with consistency and clarity.
  • Effectively manages projects and deliverables to ensure client goals are met.
  • Effectively manages client estimates, budgets and billing.

Studio Position Demands

This role routinely uses standard office equipment such as computers, phones, photocopiers, filing cabinets and fax machines. Standing or sitting for long period of time occurs. Some filing is required. This would require the ability to lift files, open filing cabinets and bend or stand as necessary.


This position requires less than 20% travel.

Please email us at hr@designsolidarity.com



We hire interns with the goal of providing an enriching and meaningful learning experience. It’s a chance for us to engage with and mentor new designers who in return, bring us fresh perspectives and varied experience. We offer this opportunity three (3) times per year.

September – December
Application Deadline: July 15th

February – May
Application Deadline: November 15th

June – August
Application Deadline: March 30th

Applicants should submit a cover letter including the intent of interest, a resume and a link to their portfolio website. Candidates will be responded to within two weeks after the application deadline.  Please email us at internship@designsolidarity.com.