A Matter of Life and Earth!

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The first annual Give Back Gathering and the passionate 1% For The Planet community all came together in Boulder, Colorado to share stories, ideas, and positive activist insights to take on the Climate Crisis and the justice it demands!

This gathering of 150 people was held in the E-town space in downtown Boulder. Nick Forster (the E-town founder), the space, and his team were amazing and engaged every moment. Check out what they are doing, and who they are here.

Solidarity of Unbridled Labour, now a member of 1% For The Planet, helped design the experience in collaboration with the 1% For The Planet team. We created and facilitated a workshop designed to generate concepts to communicate the 1% For The Planet idea to the world.

Check out their great work, and how you can get involved with 1% For The Planet here.

Thank you Ryan Cutler for the great group photo!